Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Smile and speak/write nicely

Because, according to this interesting article in The Telegraph, you are on average being recorded 3000 times a week!


Anonymous said...

I wonder what percentage of that is webcams, out of focus, blured and otherwise not so good or deliberate and what percentage is a fully "big brother" style picture?

Gary said...

My understanding of the article is that many of these records include things Internet browsing - accessing one web site equals one record.
What is a "big brother" style picture anyway?
I think a lot of surveillance may indeed be benign, or even necessary, and I am not totally against it. But the obsession with surveillance raises all kinds questions. And I find it ironic that people have no problem sitting in front of EIGHT CCTV cameras, over which they have no rights of access, but look daggers when you take a photograph of them on the beach as part of a beach scene.
When my niece was assaulted in Margate the CCTV footage of the assault, held by the council, mysteriously went missing. I suppose the fact that one of the assailants was related to someone in the council was a just a co-incidence.