Tuesday, 12 May 2009

NO2ID Spring Offensive

As recent announcements from the Home Secretary testify, the government seem intent on pushing the ID scheme forward, against all advice and in the face of growing resistance. Manchester is the latest target where unwitting citizens are being encouraged to apply for the card, and in one stroke sign away their privacy for life.

Our adivce is simple: DON'T APPLY FOR A BRITISH IDENTITY CARD. If you do, your private information will be on tap, via the associated database, to almost any public official for life.

Meanwhile, NO2ID remains active in East Kent, and a number of upcoming activities may interest concerned--and you should all be concerned--readers:

On Saturday, 16th May Canterbury NO2ID will hold a street stall, 10am - 1pm in Canterbury High St. There will be a meeting afterwards to gather materials for a protest in Dover later in the month.

A Canterbury NO2ID meeting will take place at the Bell and Crown on Thursday, 21st May, 7.30pm. New faces welcome.

On 30th May there will be a joint East Kent NO2ID action protest at the Dover Interrogation Centre. More details to follow.

For more information about the above events please contact the relevant co-ordinators, email contact addresses are listed in the side bar.

Please do get involved with NO2ID. The national ID card scheme is a real scandal, and we will be re-visiting all the reasons why its such a dangerous and unprincipled scheme in our next post.

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