Wednesday, 17 February 2010

ID theft more likely, not less likely, if you join National Identity Register

I find it interesting that six of the eleven assassins who recently bumped off a Hamas official in Dubai used false British identities—surely a joke on the nation that gave the world James Bond. It’s not very nice to wake up one morning and discover you are wanted by Interpol for murder. Especially puzzling when you find your passport is still in the drawer next to the bed. Of course, your identity has been stolen and used. How? In this case, Mossad probably just dipped into the Israeli ID database and pulled a few names out--"Ah yes, he's British, let's use him." No sweat at all really.

One of the reasons—only one, and not even the most important one!—NO2ID is adamantly opposed to the government’s looney ID scheme is that you are much more likely to become a victim of identity theft if you're in the National Identity Register. It’s logical. How can I explain this? Would you put all your eggs in one basket and then place them outside your house and trust no one to steal them? That’s what signing into the National Identity Register entails—handing over all your personal information and hoping no one will steal it. Just trust the government!

The equation to remember: ID card = National Identity Register = totally unacceptable risk. So, DON’T GET A BRITISH ID CARD. It's not worth the risk, and most definitely not in your interests to have all your information placed in one very openly displayed basket.

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Gary said...

Note: the British identities stolen were of British people living in Israel, or who had visited Israel--nice joke!